How to clean canvas backpacks?

by AdminYbackpacks on Apr 17, 2023

How to clean canvas backpacks?

With more and more designs of canvas bags, canvas bags have become a fashion item in the bag market.Canvas bags are basically versatile and can match anyone. Soild color canvas bag is the most common item, and it is also easy to get dirty, so how to clean it?

1.Canvas bags can be machine washed, but it is better to wash them by hand. The bag has many small edges and corners which will not be washed off in the washing machine,and the canvas bag is easy to distort if it is not soft enough. Therefore, it is recommended that canvas bags are best washed by hand.

2.Do not put it in the washing machine to wash with other clothes wash together.The canvas bag is made of canvas, so it is very easy to absorb color. If the color of other clothes fades, it will affect the color of the canvas backpack itself,so it will cause two pollution.Try not to mix bags and clothes wash together.

3.Canvas generally appears slightly faded phenomenon,so you need to pay special attention to the type and amount of chemical lotion when cleaning. Generally, do not use cleaning agents that contain bleach or fluorescent. When using it, you must pay attention to the instructions on the product packaging.If it is not oil or ink stains, it is necessary to control the amount as little as possible to reduce the fading to a minimum.

4.Canvas bags should not be exposed to the sun as the moisture evaporates quickly, leaving traces that can lead to yellowing, so it is best to air dry in a cool place after washing.

5.Canvas bags must be pressed at medium temperature,it is best to iron the inside in reverse.


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